Brigitte and Thomas

I am Thomas Heilmann and on an International Assignment from my company Honeywell Intl. Inc. for two years in the USA. My wife Brigitte is with me and we are from Germany. While we began this assignment in September 2006 we had the offer to take English lessons in the USA. Mrs. Sue Morgan was our teacher for the whole class over about six months. She taught us all the basic English using the yearly calendar events to bring up subjects. We also talked a lot about day-to-day life with incorporating newspapers, movies, books, billings, taxing, etc. Our skills in reading, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and speaking improved significantly. She herself and her tutoring was really a help while learning English and for our day-to-day life here in the USA. We deeply recommend her to others in a similar situation. Also, we appreciate all what she did for us. Thank you very, very much Sue.