Jessica Sangutei

“Mrs. Morgan provided tutoring support to our son as our family transitioned from out-of-state to the Richmond area. My son had a challenging year in his previous school that left him doubting his abilities and we chose to homeschool him at the end of the school year and over the summer. We wanted to build his confidence and help with the transition to a new school in our new community and state. I knew I needed support to help him particularly with reading and writing and classroom preparedness. Mrs. Morgan provided individualized support for him and understood his shyness and his need for building his reading, writing and his public speaking abilities. She helped him to feel ready for his second grade year in a way that was objective but also caring. In addition, she was a wealth of knowledge for me to know educational and fun resources for activities to support homeschooling and family activities in the Richmond area. We are grateful that we found Mrs. Morgan and our son had the opportunity to learn from an experienced, caring teacher who knew just what we needed to support him and get him ready for the new school year. As he started his new classroom this year, he showed greater confidence and we owe that in part to our time with Mrs. Morgan. Thanks again and happy fall!”