Dan and Amy

"We appreciated all of the reading and writing help that Sue Morgan provided to our daughter. Sue is clearly passionate about education, and did a great job of tailoring the lessons to our child’s learning style. Sue treated our daughter as everyone wants to be treated; as an interesting individual who can learn. Sue used her teaching expertise to quickly assess her level and leveraged her kind nature to learn about our daughter’s interests in art and history. Sue then matched our daughter’s interests with her reading level to create customized, seasonal, fun learning sessions. Our daughter really enjoyed going to each tutoring session; many of which we shared with her public school teacher who was amazed at Sue’s creativity. Sue’s tutoring center definitely helped our daughter not only to improve her reading level, but to remember how much she likes books and enjoys creating stories. Sue also partnered with us to find a good learning environment for our daughter, who will be entering Middle School this year. We always appreciated her enthusiasm for individually tailored learning and her professionalism. Sue is a supportive and talented teacher!” Thanks again for all of your help this past year! We will keep in touch.”