A. Sullivan

"I began homeschooling my daughter in the 3rd grade. She was not reading and I felt she needed more attention than she was receiving in public school. Well, needless to say it has been a struggle and there were times when I felt that I had made a very bad decision. I spent a year trying different teaching methods and nothing seemed to help.This was a very scary feeling. I realized we both needed help, I decided we needed a tutor. I cannot tell you how happy I am that we found Sue Morgan. Sue is a such a kind teacher. And, the classroom she has set up in her home, is inviting & filled with everything she needs to teach your child. I even love to linger there. Needless to say, having Sue tutor my child has been a very positive experience. My daughter is now reading & she looks forward to her classes with Mrs. Morgan. They have a real bond of trust. Sue has also been helpful to me, in my new teaching position. She has given me a great deal of guidance and has relieved me of many of my worries. Thank you Sue, so much for all you have done. We appreciate your kindness and dedication. You‘ve given hope and confidence. What a wonderful gift!”