Judy, Homeschooling Parent

"Our nine year old daughter struggled with reading, guessing at words instead of sounding them out, and losing her place frequently. Sue Morgan’s knowledge and skill helped take the dread out of reading for our daughter. Sue was very flexible in accommodating the needs of our family’s schedule. Sue utilized a variety of techniques to assist our daughter, including focusing on our child’s tactile learning style, and employing phonetic rules. Sue is an extremely patient, but firm teacher. She understands that the children she sees have most likely been struggling for a while, and recognizes their potential for frustration as they approach their difficult task. A few sessions were all Sue needed to accurately analyze what things my child enjoyed doing and what things were “hot buttons” that stirred up anxiety. By using current events and topics that pertained to my child’s life, Sue was able to connect reading with areas that my daughter felt comfortable with. So, instead of being a scary or mundane task, reading became an avenue to learn more about a enjoyable interest. Although we were only able to be under Sue’s tutelage for a short time, it has set the stage for our daughter’s future success in reading. Thank you, Sue!”